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Web site: (not active)
Origin: Germany
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: KDE
Architecture: x86
Based on: Ubuntu
Wikipedia: LiMux
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 5.0 | November , 2014

LiMux – a project by the city of Munich (third-largest city in Germany) to migrate their software systems from closed-source, proprietary Microsoft products to free and open-source software.

The project was successfully completed in late 2013, which involved migrating 15,000 personal computers and laptops of public employees to free and open-source software. LiMux is also the name of the Linux distribution (an Ubuntu derivative) used for the project as the operating system including LibreOffice (and WollMux) as the primary productivity software.

LiMux is the first Linux desktop distribution certified for industry use (ISO 9241) by the TÜV IT, Technical Service, Germany. It was first based on Debian, and later changed to Ubuntu, the most popular Debian derivative. Version 3 available from December 2010 is based on Ubuntu 8.10, version 4 available from August 2011 is based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, although using KDE Desktop 3.5[6] and version 4.1 available from August 2012 is also based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS.

Description source: Wikipedia


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