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Web site: d-fence.be (not active)
Origin: Belgium
Category: Forensics
Desktop environment: KDE
Architecture: x86
Based on: Knoppix
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 12.1 | October 7, 2008

FCCU – a GNU/Linux Forensic Bootable CD based on KNOPPIX that contains a lot of tools suitable for computer forensic investigations, including bash scripts.

FCCU GNU/Linux Forensic Boot CD’s main purpose is to create images of devices prior to analysis, and it is used by the Belgian Federal Computer Crime Unit.

The latest version is 12.1, released on 07 Oct 2008.
This version includes new tools made by MetlStorm to acquire memory through the Firewire bus.
The CD-Rom was made by the Belgian Federal Computer Crime Unit.

FCCU GNU/Linux Forensic Boot CD will automount Ext3 file systems during the boot process and recover them if required (bug in initrd scripts).

Authors: Christophe Monniez, Jean-François Beckers, Miguel Blauwbloeme and Geert Van Acker.

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