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Web site: (not active)
Origin: Norway
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: KDE
Architecture: x86
Based on: KNOPPIX
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 2005-06-19 | June 19, 2005

Snøfrix – a Knoppix based Live Linux CD, which demonstrate a Linux distribution without need of its hard disk installation.

The Live CD is classified in the following sections: education, graphics, multimedia, office, games, internet and system.

In the Education section we find: Celestia, a 3D journey through the cosmos; Maxima, a sophisticated algebra program; gcompris, a large number of programs and activities for the little ones; kig, a geometry program; RasMol, to visualize molecules in 3D; TuxMath, to learn arithmetic operations while playing; KStars, a planetarium and TuxTyping to learn typing.

In Graphics we will find: the famous GIMP, a powerful graphics and image retouching program similar to Photoshop; Kooka to control the scanner; Ksnapshot, to take screenshots; digiKam, to connect your digital camera; TuxPaint, a great drawing program for kids and KDEprint, the KDE desktop printing system.

The Multimedia section includes: amaroK, an iTunes clone; Audacity, an audio file editor; Grip, a program to convert CD audio tracks to MP3 or Ogg Vorbis; Kino, a non-linear DV video editor; China, an excellent video player; Rosegarden, a professional audio and MIDI editor; Solfege, a program to train your ear and finally K3B, without a doubt one of the best programs for recording CDs and DVDs for GNU/Linux.

At Office secion you can find: KMyMoney,, Kontakt and Scribus, a very powerful and high-quality self-publishing program.

The Games section includes: TuxRacer, Frozen-Bubble, pingus and FreeCiv, a free Civilization clone.

On the Internet: Apollon, for P2P exchange; Konqueror, KDE’s file manager and browser; Mozilla Firefox, the alternative browser to the ubiquitous Internet Explorer Kontakt, for group work; Gaim, for multiprotocol instant messaging; Skype, for IP telephony; GenomeMeeting for video conferencing and XChat.

Wine is also pre-installed, which allows us to run thousands of Windows programs on Linux; QTparted, a graphical program to partition the hard disk; NX, a terminal server; Samba, to establish hybrid networks Linux/Windows.

The author of the distribution is Conrad Newton.

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