Web site: (not active)
Origin: France
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment:
Architecture: x86, x86_86, Sparc64
Based on: OpenBSD
Media: Live
The last version | Released: 4.8 | December 2010

MarBSD – an OpenBSD live CD. MarBSD exists in three variations: MarBSD-light, MarBSD-X and MarBSD-serial.

MarBSD-X is the biggest variation. MarBSD-X includes all file sets from base, except comp and some other packages like Mutt, Fetchmail, Wget, cURL, unzip, GQview and Firefox.

MarBSD-light is the small variant of MarBSD. MarBSD-light includes only BSD, bsd.rd, base, etc and man file sets (no X-filesets). It also includes some text tool packages like wget, unzip, nano, fetchmail and mutt.

MarBSD-series includes the same sets and file packages of the MarBSD-light, but it is for systems without keyboards and monitors. You can use it with a serial console.

The project developer is René Maroufi.


No download is available.




Web site: (not active)
Origin: Russia
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: JWM
Architecture: x86, sparc64
Based on: OpenSolaris
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 0.5 | February 15, 2010

MilaX (formerly: Damn Small Solaris) – a small size Live CD based on OpenSolaris which runs completely off a CD or a USB pendrive.

It was designed to run graphical applications on older PC hardware, netbooks and can be installed on storage media with small capacities, like bootable business cards, USB flash drives, various memory cards, and Zip drives.

MilaX also it is possible to use as Rescue-CD.
It comes with some applications pre-installed, such as:
– text editors: Beaver and Vim
– file managers: Midnight Commander and emelFM
– multimedia player: XMMS
– office: Xpdf PDF document viewer
– system: VNC viewer remote desktop viewer, Rdesktop remote connection manager, fbxkb keyboard indicator and switcher, Torsmo system monitoring utility
– net: AxyFTP FTP client, Irssi IRC client, Midori web browser

The last version of MilaX 0.5 is based on OpenSolaris b128a, and was released February 15, 2010.

Version 0.5 requires at least 256MB RAM and a Pentium or Celeron to boot into a X desktop.
128MB RAM is sufficient for booting into Command-Line mode.

There is not an iso image available any more, only a VirtualBox disk is ready to download.


Milax 0.5 Netinstall i386 95MB.iso
md5sum: 1d611305c8777879a0e02f7ea7b738f5
Milax 0.5 i386 VirtualBox Image 160MB.7z (290MB unzipped)
md5sum: dd978a00e6d5fa491d2582e4b0f85d5c