Secure-K OS

Web site: (not active)
Origin: Italy
Category: Specialist, Security
Desktop environment: GNOME
Architecture: x86_64
Based on: Debian
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 19.03 | March 14, 2019
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: Secure-K OS

Secure-K OS – a Debian-based Linux distribution that runs from a USB flash drive. The distribution provides safe communication and anonymous browsing of websites using applications such as Tox messenger and TOR web browser.

Secure-K uses the GNOME desktop environment and is developed by the Mon-K organization.

Secure-K OS is available in 3 versions to choose, one of them: Personal is available for free.

Secure-K OS Personal offers:
– encrypted file system;
– complete system and kernel updates;
– anti-tampering measures during bootstrapping;
– high boot / hardware compatibility (Legacy, EFI, UEFI, Secure Boot);
– complete isolation from the host computer;
– unencrypted data exchange partition;
– encrypted backup of the system and data files in real time;
– Easy setup of encrypted e-mails and exchange with one click.


Secure-K OS 19.03 amd64 1.08GB.iso
md5sum: 23202799ff6e599167b2b41c0ddcae25


Trustix Secure Linux

Trustix Secure Linux

Web site: (not active)
Origin: Norway
Category: Server
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86
Based on: Red Hat
Wikipedia: Trustix Secure Linux
Media: Install CD
The last version | Released: 4.8.1 | June 23, 2008

Trustix Secure Linux – a Linux distribution intended for use on servers and focused on security and stability.

Trustix Secure Linux includes the open standards based SoftWare UPdater, SWUP, which keeps all software packages up-to-date, resolves library dependencies and integrates public key cryptography to ensure safety and security.

Trustix was created by Trustix AS in 1997, but went bankrupt in 2003.
Comodo Group bought the assets in November 2003. Shortly thereafter Comodo announced the end of the free version of Trustix Secure Linux.

After 2005, Trustix Secure Linux continues to be maintained by a very small team of developers in India.
By late 2007 Comodo announced that it will discontinue all distribution, updates and direct support for Trustix Secure Linux effective December 31, 2007.

The latest version 4.8.1 is a fully-featured, secure and has advanced capabilities including the intuitive Xsentry easy-to-use administration graphical user interface with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) front end which has drag and drop security policy deployment.


Trustix Secure Linux 4.8.1 i586 301MB.iso
md5sum: d11380a60be897ec79ab1ac5494d5c0a


EnGarde Secure Linux

EnGarde Secure Linux

Web site:
Origin: USA
Category: Server
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86, x86_64
Based on: Fedora
Media: Install CD
The last version | Released: 3.0.22 | December 10, 2008

EnGarde Secure Linux – a Linux based operating system which provides services like web, DNS and email simply and securely.

EnGarde was designed to support features suitable for individuals, students, security enthusiasts, and those wishing to evaluate the level of security and ease of management available in Guardian Digital enterprise products. Its development is very much driven by not only the requests from the community, but also their continued participation.

The Community Edition is a dynamic, rapidly-evolving product that serves to exhibit the best-of-breed applications currently under development. Guardian Digital enterprise products provide greater levels of support, support for more advanced hardware, more sophisticated upgrade path, and features more suitable for enterprises, including support for our other enterprise applications.

The mail goals are:
– Simple & Secure Remote Administration
– Powerful Host Intrusion Detection
– Secure Network Services
– Built-in Support and Alerts
– Robust Network Intrusion Detection
– Quick and Secure Web, DNS email, FTP
– Network Gateway Firewall
– Monitor System Access
– Protect Against Data Loss
– Security Control Center
– Engineered to be Secure
– Significantly Reduces Support Costs

The distribution was under development between 2001 and 2008, by Guardian Digital, Inc.


EnGarde Secure Linux 3.0.22 i686 651MB.iso
md5sum: 5768b62d2399c6be84f58256ca830cc7
EnGarde Secure Linux 3.0.22 x86_64 659MB.iso
md5sum: edc9e125353cecc2bdc4a2dccdf58ea9


Linux Secure Remix

Linux Secure Remix

Web site:
Category: Rescue
Desktop environment: Unity
Architecture: x86, x86_64
Based on: Ubuntu
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 13.04 | November 30, 2014
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: Linux Secure Remix

Linux Secure Remix (previously: Ubuntu Secure Remix) – a live Linux distribution based on Ubuntu.

It offers security installation of the Ubuntu aside of an existing installation of MS Windows.
The old name of Ubuntu Secure Remix has been changed to the present one in May 2012.

Linux Secure Remix features too:
– integrated ‘Clean-Ubiquity’ tool – a simple graphical live CD installer designed to integrate well with Debian- and Ubuntu-based systems
– integrated ‘OS-Uninstaller’ tool – a small graphical tool to uninstall any OS (Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu, other GNU/Linux…) in 1 click
– integrated ‘Boot-Repair’ tool – a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu like when you can’t boot Ubuntu after installing Windows or another Linux distribution, or when you can’t boot Windows after installing Ubuntu, or when GRUB is not displayed anymore, some upgrade breaks GRUB, etc.

Linux Secure Remix is (was) available for 32 and 64 bit machines.

The ‘Boot-Repair’ is also pre-installed in Boot-Repair-Disk a Linux distribution, which is based on Debian GNU/Linux.


Linux Secure Remix 13.04 i686 809MB.iso
md5sum: c502745c7194d3223f65463f56b44389