Web site: (not active) Origin: USA Category: Workstation Desktop environment: wgmr Platform: Apollo Based on: UNIX-like Wikipedia: Domain/OS Media: Install The last version | Released: R10.4.1.2 | March 1992 Domain/OS – an Unix-like and Multics*-like the Apollo/DOMAIN operating system produced by Apollo Computer, Inc. (founded in 1980 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, by William Poduska) from 1980 … Read more

ArchiveOS forums

Good news for all users, fans and friends: there is the ArchiveOS forums already set which lets you: – share operating systems to be added to the service; – meet new friends; – have conversation about OSes and anything else… If you would like to propose a missing OS, provide such information (whatever … Read more



Web site: | (not active) Origin: Category: UNIX-like, Others Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: Intel 80386, Motorola 68030 Based on: VSTa Wikipedia: Media: Install The last version | Released: FMI/OS (Flexible Microkernel Infrastructure/Operating System) – a copylefted operating system based on the VSTa operating system originally written by Andrew Valencia. It shares most of … Read more



Web site: Origin: France Category: Desktop Desktop environment: CLI Architecture: x86 Based on: Independent Wikipedia: Media: Install The last version | Released: ? | 2013 OS|periment – a project which focuses on creating a desktop operating system that caters to modern computer hardware and usage patterns. In the main codebase, it uses UNIX-style shell … Read more

Commodore OS

commodore os

Web site: (not active) Web site (32bit): Origin: USA Category: Game Desktop environment: GNOME Architecture: x86, x86_64 Based on: Linux Mint Wikipedia: Commodore OS Media: Live DVD The last version | Released: 1.0 beta9 | July 3, 2012 Zobacz po polsku: Commodore OS Commodore OS (Commodore OS Vision) – a Linux distribution based … Read more