Web site: www.gobolinux.org
Origin: Brazil
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: Enlightenment
Architecture: x86, x86_64
Based on: Independent
Wikipedia: GoboLinux
Media: Live DVD
The last version | Released: 015 | May 7, 2014
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: GoboLinux

GoboLinux – an independent developed Linux distribution from Brazil.

GoboLinux organizes programs in different, own way, and files from each program are placed under their respective program’s own dedicated subdirectory. The makers of GoboLinux have said that “the file system is the package manager”, and the GoboLinux package system uses the file system itself as a package database. GoboLinux uses symlinks and an optional kernel module called GoboHide to achieve all this while maintaining full compatibility with the traditional Linux file system hierarchy.

GoboLinux uses “Compile”, which is a program that downloads, unpacks, compiles source code tarballs, and installs the resulting executable code, all with a single command, using simple compilation scripts known as “recipes”. The Compile system is similar to Gentoo’s Portage system.

The project is under active development from 2003.
GoboLinux is available as a Live/Install DVD for i686 CPU with Enlightenment as the default desktop environment.

Started from version 016, GoboLinux is shipped with awesome window manager as default, for x86_64 machines only.

After 3 years of break, in May 2020 the project developers released a new version 017.


GoboLinux 017 x86_64 1.9GB.iso

GoboLinux 015 i686 1.48GB.iso
md5sum: 4348c1c28547f1cd74b40ce17c7bfe08