Web site: edgebsd.org
Origin: Germany (?)
Category: Server
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86, x86_64
Based on: NetBSD
Media: Install CD
The last version | Released: | December 3, 2016

EdgeBSD – an operating system of the family of BSD-based OS, starting development with the current NetBSD codebase with Git for Source Code Management. Package management is based on pkgsrc.

The primary goal of EdgeBSD is to provide an ambitious environment for working as a bigger community together on the NetBSD Project. This is being achieved thanks to a modern development infrastructure, while taking an aggressive stance on integrating and enabling features.

Ultimately, EdgeBSD aims at being fun and attractive as a Research & Development platform while remaining a modern, robust, and industrial-grade system for all ranges of computer devices.

EdgeBSD should be as attractive a platform as possible, and use the advantages of its existing codebase to experiment on being a modern, safe, and portable Operating System. This vision currently includes:
– advanced facilities for developers (patch management, build environments…)
– re-organization of the base system (Git submodules, packages…)
– a graphical installer;
– modern package management (signed packages…)
– alternatives to Xorg and default desktop environment based on the DeforaOS desktop;
– ready-to-flash images for embedded devices;
– virtualization of components with the RUMP anykernel.

The project development started in 2013.


EdgeBSD boot i386 88.5MB.iso
md5sum: 108a64602828ebf19cabccd977388d29
EdgeBSD boot x86_64 83.7MB.iso
md5sum: c2b38a40c6d82a9c9fe348bceb5ab2a0