Web site:
Origin: Switzerland
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: WindowMaker
Architecture: x86_64
Based on: Debian
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 2.5.1 | July 27, 2017
Zobacz po polsku Zobacz po polsku: GNUSTEP Live CD

GNUSTEP Live CD – a live CD based on an operating system, (also known as a distribution) contains a lot of software for GNUstep, a free implementation of the OPENSTEP and Cocoa framework (which was also the base as Cocoa on macOS). It includes an excellent application called Gorm for RAD (Apple Software Design Guidelines).

GNUSTEP Live CD is a Debian-based Linux distribution that comes with the WindowMaker window manager, basic networking, multimedia, and games tools.

GNUSTEP live CD 2.5 was released after 8 years off and is based on Debian of teh stable 9 “Stretch” branch.
Previous versions of the system were based on the Morphix and Knoppix distributions.

Live image comes with preinstalled applications such as: Gorm for RAD (Apple Software Design Guidelines), MPlayer (GNUstep port), Preview, GWorkspace, GNUmail, ProjectCenter, and GNU TeXmacs.

The system used SysV instead of systemd as the system and service manager.

The project developer since 2004 is Alex Myczko.


GNUSTEP Live CD 2.5.1 amd64 442MB.iso
sha256: 96fcca350cd5e5e765fce57949cb9481478584996e0d1481c6fe9170208725ea


CD Bootable OpenBSD firewall


Web site:
Origin: USA ?
Category: Firewall
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86
Based on: OpenBSD
Media: Live
The last version | Released: ? | May 2004 ?

CD Bootable OpenBSD firewall – the project allows you to set up a full featured OpenBSD firewall without the use of a hard disk. The system boots from a CDROM and stores configuration information on either a floppy, or a USB mass storage device, such as a “pen drive” or a USB CompactFlash reader.

The CD also contains a simple install script, to allow you populate a floppy or UMASS device with a basic firewall configuration. Simply boot the CD, select the media you wish to use, and answer some straightforward questions.

The latest version, based on OpenBSD 3.5, adds several new features. The firewall now provides PPTP VPN and a caching nameserver out of the box.

– OpenBSD 3.5 NAT Firewall using PF
– No hard disk needed
– Automated setup
– Can run with all media Read-Only
– DHCP on internal LAN
– Nameserver and Cache

System requirements:
– x86 compatible processor
– 64M ram bare minimum (all writable filesystems are on ramdisks, and there’s no swap)
– CD-ROM drive
– floppy drive, or umass device (note the current issue with umass)
– 2 network interfaces


No download is available.


Linux LiveCD Router

Linux LiveCD Router

Web site: (not active)
Origin: Argentina
Category: Firewall
Desktop environment: CLI
Architecture: x86
Based on: Slackware
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 2.0.50 | May 29, 2009

Linux LiveCD Router – a Slackware based Linux distribution which allows you to share, firewall and optimize your broadband connection. You can use DSL, ADSL 5 Mbps+, Cable Modem, T1, Fixed IPs, Dial-Up, WiFi and more. Includes traffic priority settings for VoIP and other apps. Can avoid ISP traffic limiting.

Linux LiveCD Router works on a minimal configuration of a 486 PC, 16 MBytes of RAM, Bootable CDrom Reader, 1 or more Ethernet Cards.
Linux LiveCD Router automatically detects one or more ethernet cards, even if they are on-board cards. If you are using ISA cards you have to manually use the commands listed on the file /etc/modules.conf to detect them.

CDrouter is preconfigured for an external generic modem connected at the serial port 0 (/dev/ttyS0), and supports all ADSL modems that are connected through an ethernet card, as well as PPPoE modems. In addition the USB modems Alcatel SpeedTouch and Conexant AccessRunner are supported.

– Share your broadband Internet connection
– Supports xDSL, Cablemodem, Fixed IP, ISDN, Dial-Up and Wireless
– It includes Firewall Shorewall and Masquerading (NAT)
– Use standard and low cost computer, networking and wifi hardware
– Can replace external Access Points (APs)
– Does not require any installation. It is a LiveCD, your computer simply boots straight from the CD, does not require a hard disk
– Easy Web Administration
– Remote SSH administration
– Includes DNS Cache to accelerate surfing
– Includes SNMP Remote Monitoring
– Linux Software compatible with Windows and Mac Networks

Hardware Requirements:
– 486 Processor
– 16 MBytes of RAM
– CDRom Reader (or USB flash)
– 1 or more ethernet cards
– No hard disk required
– Optional Wifi card (can replace an external AP)
– Can run on an EEEpc

To login the system use the user root, and the password cdrouter


Linux LiveCD Router 2.0.26 i686 94MB.iso
md5sum: 6dd7fa604d0b2b13084a851be9964afa


Cool Linux CD

Cool Linux CD

Web site:
Origin: Russia
Category: Desktop
Desktop environment: IceWM
Architecture: x86
Based on: Fedora
Media: Live CD
The last version | Released: 2.3 | September 17, 2003

Cool Linux CD – a bootable CD with Linux operating system, containing a 2.4 kernel and many free software packages.

New features of version 2.3:
– Kernel 2.4.20-wolk and 2.4.22 with supermount, squashfs, shfs patches and ALSA 0.9.6 drivers;
– Ability to choose a version of linux kernel and parameters for FrameBuffer and XFree86 (resolution);
– Save and restore your system configuration on floppy;
– Restore configuration from another session on CoolLinuxCD (in multissesion mode);
– Writing the CD-RW disks with CDRW device (if not a boot drive);
– Ability to choose the interface language during the bootup process (currently only English and Russian languages are supported);
– Autodetects all hardware and autoconfigures XFree86;
– USB mouse and keyboard support;
– IceWM window manager with ROX-filer as desktop and file manager;

For login need input “root” name with no password.
Rus/Lat switch by RightCtrl-Shift key in console and any Ctrl-Shift in X11.

If you want save config on floppy, run “savecfg”. It command save on floppy /etc, /root, and /drweb.base directories. If in bootup you answer “Y” on question about restore config from floppy, this directories will be restored.

You can select bootup variants: load with only RAM use or load with use 128 Mb first partition HDD space. On first HDD you can have ext2 or vfat filesystem.

Cool Linux CD is part of the LINUX EMERGENCY CD project.
Linux Emegency CD is based on Gentoo Linux.


Cool Linux CD 2.3 i386 632MB.iso
md5sum: ab791916c344b6ece1861dc605548e75